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IOT Control System Gateway

This gateway can connect automation devices and components with serial ports to various field buses and industrial Ethernet protocols, enabling communication between different protocol interfaces. It has RS232, RS485, and RS422 interfaces (supporting SSI protocol), and can also be configured to standard protocols (such as Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, 3964R...). Connect to various field and industrial Ethernet protocols.

Product performance

  • Electrical interface: 1 WAN port, 100/10 Mbit/s, supporting ADSL, 4G, and other access methods;

  • Communication interface with the lower layer: 1 RS485 port, 1 RS232 port and 1 CAN communication port;

  • Support remote online programming (OTA);

  • Virtual private channels (VLANs) can be established through third-layer network encryption protocols;

  • Dual power supply 24VDC redundant input


Product Features

  • It has two modes of Internet access, 4G and broadband, and supports self-adaptive redundancy of the two modes;

  • Supports various 4G communications and is compatible with 3G and other methods; 4G is mainly faster in speed, more stable, and smoother in transmission;

  • Support the same IP for all field devices to avoid new problems caused by the original machine changing the IP, just need to set it up on the client side;

  • Reset the new mode, use the network cable connection method to avoid the original setting reset button, and the customer will randomly reset to bring new problems;

  • The client-side setting is extremely simple, the field network cable is plug and play, the port is self-adaptive, and will not be blocked by firewalls, network behavior management products, etc., with extremely strong penetration ability;

  • When used with the server side, the continuous online stability is high;

  • Processing performance is improved, price is reduced, and cost performance is greatly improved;

  • Through the new generation of private key encryption methods, the security is greatly improved;


Product Usage Conditions

  • Voltage input: +24 VDC, current consumption: 160 mA;

  • Working temperature: -25℃ ~ 75℃; Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃; Working humidity: 5% ~ 90%;

  • It has two modes of Internet access, 4G and broadband, and supports self-adaptive redundancy of the two modes;

  • Industrial grade IC design, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable performance.

  • Dimensions: length * width * height: 140 * 90 * 40mm, weight: 350g

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