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10W Li-ion Battery LED Control Board

This 10W LED control board is designed for lithium battery-powered systems. It features a lithium battery charging management system, an LED dimming control section, and a USB charging interface module.

Key features:

  • Input voltage: 6-8.4V (2S lithium battery pack)

  • Supports 15W LED constant current control, high efficiency (typical efficiency 95%)

  • Supports LED dimming

  • With overvoltage protection for charging

  • With undervoltage protection for discharge

  • High charging efficiency (typical efficiency 96%)

  • With charger input reverse protection

  • Ultra-low standby current when powered by battery: < 5uA

  • With battery level display

  • With LED load detection function, if LED is not connected, it will hibernate after 2 hours when the switch is set to LED on mode

  • Double-panel PCB layout for higher reliability

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