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Driver PMSM 300W para Enrolador de Queijo

A placa de driver/controlador PMSM (motor síncrono de ímã permanente) trifásico é projetada especificamente para a bobinadeira usada na indústria de máquinas têxteis. Este controlador utiliza a técnica de controle orientado a campo (FOC) ou controle vetorial, resultando em controle de motor altamente preciso. Ele oferece uma solução em nível de pixel para enrolamento, resultando em ruído reduzido e operações de enrolamento mais suaves.

This motor driver was independently developed for PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) motor-driven winding machine and more equipment. It mainly adopts the latest high-performance digital logic chip (from ST, Renesas, Texas Instruments) for PMSM motors, and uses FOC technology to make the motor run fast, with low vibration, low noise, good stability, high reliability, and low maintenance cost.

Key Features:

  • Faster Winding Speeds: Achieve line speeds of up to 800 meters per minute (rated speed: 600 m/min) for increased productivity.

  • Enhanced Energy Savings: Utilize permanent magnet DC brushless motors for superior efficiency. The optimized mechanical separation further reduces energy consumption.

  • Precise Speed Control: Experience exceptional speed control with a steady-state error of just 0.1% for brushless DC motors.

  • Flexible Winding Ratios: The independent winding and yarn guiding systems enable winding with diverse ratios.

  • Stable Line Speed Control: Benefit from a stable and precise line speed control system with various modes, including single-segment linear, two-segment linear, linear decreasing, and linear increasing. 


Intelligent Functions:

  • Intelligent Yarn Length Counting: Simplify operation with built-in yarn length counting functionality.

  • Dynamic Line Speed Stability: Maintain consistent line speed with the intelligent dynamic stability function.

  • Overfeeding System Self-Tuning: Experience seamless operation with the self-tuning and synchronous tracking of the overfeeding system.

  • These intelligent features minimize the complexity of parameter setting and enhance system adaptability.

  • Comprehensive Protection Features:

  • Overvoltage Protection

  • Loss-of-Load (Undercurrent) Protection

  • Overload (Yarn) Protection

  • Overheating Protection

  • No-Load (Yarn) Protection

  • Wrong Input Protection

  • Communication Failure Protection

  • External Data Failure Protection  

Control Modes:

  • Winding Motor Frequency Control: Precise control over target frequency, fundamental frequency, swing frequency amplitude, and swing frequency times.

  • Winding Motor Line Speed Control: Utilize the built-in line speed operation mode.

  • Winding Motor Constant Tension Control: Set custom winding motor tension control parameters.

  • Yarn Guide Motor Control: Manage the running mode, speed, and direction of the yarn guiding motor.

  • Environmental Specifications:

  • Suitable Environment: Well-ventilated indoor location with no corrosive gases or conductive dust.

  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to 45°C

  • Relative Humidity: Below 90% with no condensation

  • Vibration: Less than 0.5G

  • Altitude: Up to 1000 meters

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