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PMSM BLDC Motor Driver for Air Cooler

The leading PMSM BLDC Motor Driver supplier in the Middle East market.

We provide high-quality Air Cooler Controllers from 100W to 3000W, with PFC & RCCB.

Leading PCB Designer & Manufacturer In China

PMSM BLDC Motor Controller  |  Intelligent Control System  |  IoT Product Control  

Lumsyn Electronic provides PCB Design Services and Manufacturing for a wide range of PCB types. We have an 20 years of experience engineering team, and also have experience with various PCB CAD systems.


We provide ideal solutions for both simple and complex interconnect designs, keeping in sight our customer’s goals for quality, performance, low cost, and short development cycle. During the development of your product, our PCB designers/engineers will work closely with mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets both circuit and mechanical architecture and certification testing needs in different countries and regions).

BLDC Motor Controllers and other PCBs bearing our brands ACAN have been well received and maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known customers in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


Why Choose Us?

  • Significantly lower than the product defect rate of 3 per 1,000 (Experience over the years has shown that it can reach 3 out of 10,000) .

  • 2-year warranty for Hardware and lifetime service for software.

  • Conventional products are updated at least twice a year to comply with local regulations and market demand.

  • Friendly payment terms for suppliers, ensuring that components can be received on time even during peak season.

  • On-site engineer team services worldwide(fees may apply in some areas).

CHINA top BLDC Motor Controller Manufacturer

Our core market is the diversified BLDC motor controller and household control boards. We have over 200 standard products and can provide electronic product solutions for different industries

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